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ossified adj
1 changed into bone; hardened by deposits of mineral matter; "cartilages ossified with age"
2 set in a rigidly conventional pattern of behavior, habits, or beliefs; "obsolete fossilized ways"; "an ossified bureaucratic system" [syn: fossilized, fossilised]ossify


1 become bony; "The tissue ossified"
2 make rigid and set into a conventional pattern; "rigidify the training schedule"; "ossified teaching methods"; "slogans petrify our thinking" [syn: rigidify, petrify]
3 cause to become hard and bony; "The disease ossified the tissue" [also: ossified]ossified See ossify

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  1. Of ideas or attitudes, inflexible, old-fashioned.


  1. past of ossify

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Ossification is the process of bone formation, in which connective tissues, such as cartilage are turned to bone or bone-like tissue. The ossified tissue is invaginated with blood vessels. These blood vessels bring minerals like calcium and deposit it in the ossifying tissue. Bone formation is a dynamic process, with cells called osteoblasts depositing minerals, and osteoclasts removing bone. This process, termed bone remodeling continues throughout life.

Types of ossification


Several hypotheses have been proposed for how bone evolved as a structural element in vertebrates. One popular idea is that bone developed from tissues that evolved to store minerals. In this model, minerals such as calcium were stored in cartilage, and that bone was an exaptation from this ossified cartilage. However, other possibilities include bony tissue evolving as an osmotic barrier, or as a protective structure.


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